Buddhism as understood by a layperson, monastic, and deeper

“Mundane” Right View

The Buddha delivered his teachings to many people from all kinds of backgrounds. To laypeople, who aren’t familiar with Buddhism, he began his teaching with the “mundane” view.

Mundane right view is the simplified essence of Buddhism, stated in a way that is universally understandable. That there is a right…

The ancient phrase that not just describes reality, but suggests a way of life

Scholars of times ancient to us studied things that were doubly ancient. One of these things was The Emerald Tablet, a very short text attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the legendary figure associated with the very beginning of alchemy, the birth of material and spiritual science.

The tablet itself is very…

All of our troubles and treasures originate in mental habit

Wise People Apply Their Mind Differently

The average person is conditioned to believe that circumstances are responsible for their well-being and happiness. If only we had enough money, if only we had enough respect, if only we had enough time, then we would be able to live happily.

The habit of mind behind that attitude is…

A commentary on the one of the most popular Buddhist scriptures, the Dhammapada, chapter one.

What Is The Dhammapada?

Like Jesus, the Buddha had many disciples who wrote his teachings down to be studied by future generations. These texts were mostly intended for the monks and nuns of the Buddhist order, and so were intellectualized, full of jargon that would be unfamiliar to lay people.

One of these scriptures…

And how to start applying that power to your life

Worldly Power Vs. Spiritual Power

Roman emperor Caesar is an excellent example of worldly power. How did he get things done? Economic and military might. He had what most people crave: status, wealth, the violent physical enforcement of his will.

The worldly way is to crave physical resources and circumstances. We think that, with enough…

A Buddhist parable about accepting death

One day, a woman approached the Buddha with tears streaming down her face, and a cold, lifeless baby in her arms. She begged the Buddha to perform a miracle and bring her son back to life.

The Buddha responded: “I can help you, but only after you bring me mustard…

How less stuff leads to more life

The world pressures us to be mindless consumers — get a corporate job, get a fancy house in suburbia, binge Netflix shows every night, binge drink every weekend, and fill the hole in your soul by buying more stuff like a fancier car, newer phone, bigger TV.

That’s what the…

Why we achieve more when we follow the natural rhythms of motivation and creativity

“Quiet fruitfulness. The born aristocrats of the spirit are not overeager; their creations blossom and fall from the trees on a quiet autumn evening, being neither rashly desired, not hastened on, nor supplanted by new things. The wish to create incessantly is vulgar, betraying jealousy, envy, and ambition. If one…

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